Thursday, June 21, 2007

Claude Allegre
Part of the A Rundown of the Skeptics & Deniers series

Claude Allegre is a member of both of the French and US National Academy of Sciences. He is also a climate change skeptic that blames global warming on the mountains. He also claims that the climate models are wrong because Antarctica isn't melting. The problem is that the models don't predict Antarctic melting for another 100 years! For a full writeup on this pillar of the French community and his political connections please go to our main site.


Unknown said...

I think that there is no climate problem. Please take into account only the required precision of the temperature measure on the full globe surface which is about 0.1°C. How much time we are really able to do it? May be it is not possible even now. And what about the temperature evolution during last centuries? No reference at all except glaciations periods which is a rough appreciation.
By me, the biggest problem is the world population which is always growing of about 60 000 000 people per year. We must stop it and do everything possible to establish a right balance between different forms of life. We take part of the Earth nature and we need it to live in symbiosis with.
Actually we are destroying everything around. Even in the seas and oceans. Right now there are so few people having access to the really drinking water. Oil and gas recourses will be empty very soon. It will go quickly with the population growth.
We must encourage Chinese, Indian and all other countries to reduce the population. SOLUTION? Chinese one : ONE CHILD PER WOMAN.
My blog : Sorry, in french at present.

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