Saturday, June 16, 2007

EasyJet cuts CO2 by 50%

From live science:

EasyJet said its design—which it dubbed the “easyJet ecoJet”— would be 25 percent quieter and would emit 50 percent less carbon dioxide (CO2) and 75 percent less nitrous oxide (NOx) than today’s newest short-haul airliners.

“The aircraft example we have unveiled today represents the next major step forward in airframe and engine technology,” said Andy Harrison, easyJet’s chief executive.

“The lightweight structure and open-rotor engines are based on technologies that are being developed right now by the major manufacturers. The easyJet ecoJet is realistic and it is achievable,” he added.

While the numbers are pretty amazing I just can't stop looking at these engines:


Environmentally Friendly New Jet Planned, Chris Kjelgaard, Senior Editor, 15 June 2007 11:50 am ET